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Solace Vibrospeaker Features


Feel the Vibes & Relax the Mind

The Vibrospeaker is a natural and effective tool to help you relax. Listen to and feel your favorite tunes or explore a diverse range of vibroacoustic music, meditation music, healing tones, binaural beats, and even the soothing sound of a cat's purr.

This sleek and stylish Bluetooth speaker is unlike any other, with separate controls for bass vibration and volume (mids & highs) to give you complete customization.

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Solace Vibrospeaker demo - City Creek Mall
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What some of our testers have to say...

A more deep and meaningful practice...

"Solace is a great and powerful way to instantly ground yourself. As someone who meditates, it often takes me a while to get into the groove, but Solace accelerated my ability to be centered and have a more deep and meaningful practice. "

— Sara W.

Such a cool product!

“As a new mom, I don’t currently have the time to go to my normal sound baths. This speaker is a good second and helped me feel into my body when it’s tired, anxious, and over stimulated. All it took was 10 minutes to sit down, turn on my favorite meditation music, and breathe with the sound waves. Such a cool product.“

— Laura B.

Love it... it's soooo calming!

The vibrospeaker allows you to feel the music and fully immerse yourself. I love it... it's soooo calming. They are definitely onto something here!

— Trevor W.

I love Solace... highly recommend!

"I love Solace! It was very helpful for me to use the vibroacoustic speaker while I was recovering from knee surgery. I used Solace to play sound therapy to help with nerve pain and inflammation, and it quickly helped lower the pain I was experiencing in my knee and lower leg. Highly recommend!"

— Laura C.

I stayed asleep longer...

"I served in the Marine Corps and had several injuries related to my time of service. With Solace sleep came quicker; stayed asleep longer; and felt more rested. In this state, I can lose myself in the sounds & vibrations and be at peace. I highly recommend Solace vibrational therapy."

— Oz H. USMC Veteran

The Solace is brilliant!

"I have an autistic son and I'm always looking for tools, toys, anything to comfort and chill him. It was remarkable. I think every school classroom should have one in a calming corner to help kiddos with anxiety. And for mama's out there with special needs kiddo, get one. Your kiddo will love it. But even more importantly, so will you."

— Melissa B.
Solace Vibrspeaker Stuffed Animal Cover

Stuffed Animal Covers

These adorable covers not only provide comfort to your little ones, but also add a fun twist to their listening experience. Simply clip them onto your VIBROSPEAKER and let the magic happen! Don't miss out on this must-have accessory, perfect for playtime or bedtime cuddles.

Concept Only. Not Available
Help us choose which animal covers we should make? We have a discussion going on at our INDIEGOGO prelaunch page. join the conversation

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Solace Vibrospeaker - easy to use and natural

More reasons to get on board...

Ancient history is on our side.

From the dawn of civilization many cultures have used sound vibrations to heal, promote wellness, and to access higher levels of consciousness. Now you can too!

Discover the healing power of sound!

Harmonic music and low frequency vibrations have been shown to effectively alleviate a range of conditions, from stress and anxiety to high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, and even chronic pain. Let the therapeutic sounds soothe your mind and body, and experience the transformative benefits for yourself.

Effortlessly harness the power of nature.

The ultimate stress-busting tool solution that is not only natural and highly effective but also incredibly easy to use. Transform your mood and relax Instantly with the all-new SOLACE VIBROSPEAKER.

Other ways to help...

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our project and for being a part of the journey to bring the VIBROspeaker to life! We understand that not everyone is in a position to pledge support, but your efforts to spread the word about our innovative product with your friends, family, and followers are just as valuable. Every bit of help we receive, no matter how big or small, means the world to us!